What is Alloftextiles?

As the name suggests - "All of Textiles" - this site attempts to provide a comprehensive textile solution to one and all, may it be manufacturer, may it be trader, or may it be a consumer.
Alloftextiles.com is a virtual textile market for manufacturers, traders, exporters, importers, and consumers.

What makes "Alloftextiles" different?

Alloftextiles is different because:
it is the first Global Textile Portal with B2B.
it offers E-commerce with Human Touch.
it offers Exposure to a global textile business.
it covers "Fiber to Fashion".
it is backed by a decades and decades of strong domain knowledge.

Why Should Someone Join?

Staying informed is a necessity to stay ahead in this competitive world. Joining us would give you an opportunity to stay ahead by getting an exposure to the vast textile community all around the world. We will not only provide you net presence but will also provide you latest textile news, trends in the industry, government policies of various countries, and above all a platform to meet buyers and sellers across the world. All this will be available to you in the comforts of your own office.

How expensive is it to join?

Only limited services are available to all Registered Members. All other services are chargeable. Members registering for first time can use site free of cost for 30 days from date of registration, thereafter he has to pay charges as set herein:

Welcome Membership:
A. Registration Fees of USD 150/- or INR 6000/-.
B. Yearly membership Fees of USD 100/- or INR 4,000/-.

Silver Card Membership Fees USD 500/- or INR 20000/-.
No Yearly Charges For Two Years and they will be provided with a Two Page Website.

Gold Card Membership Fees USD 1000/- or INR 40000/-.
No Yearly Charges For Five Years and they will be provided with a Five Page Website.

The site reserves the right to alter, reduce, increase, and delete any of the above mentioned charges with 7 days notice. The membership fees and charges are payable on presentation of invoice.