India: Lean manufacturing, the way ahead

GURGAON: In a move that can only aid the apparel sector tostay ahead of the curve, the Apparel Training and Design Centre (ATDC), the country's largest vocational training network for the industry, inaugurated its first international training workshop here.

The five-day workshop - 'Lean manufacturing practices and implementations' - is being conducted in collaboration with the Sri Lanka Institute of Textile and Apparel (SLITA), and organized by the ATDC-TOT (training of trainers) academy. With the apparel industry in Sri Lanka boasting an enviable record in achieving increased efficiency and productivity, this tie-up will be of immense help to India's apparel sector.

Incidentally, the ATDC-TOT academy functions as a resource centre which sets benchmarks and quality parameters for teachers and trainers in the apparel sector, and works towards improving both the knowledge base of and skill levels in the faculty resources.

'Lean manufacturing' describes a method whereby waste is eliminated in the manufacturing process. As a philosophy, it aims to reduce waste, cost and cycle time, and also promote eco-friendly practices.

"I am sure both faculty resources and industry professionals can greatly benefit from this advanced training workshop on 'lean manufacturing practices', for bringing in new inputs on enhancing productivity in the apparel sector," said Hari Kapoor, the ATDC vice-chancellor.

"The Indian apparel industry needs to control costs, rein in waste and improve productivity," said Dr Darlie Koshy, director general and CEO, ATDC.

"SLITA has proven itself as a leader in this sphere and we are happy to bring such a workshop to the ATDC faculty resources and professionals, when the industry is seriously looking at options to be highly competitive," Dr. Koshy added.

Besides being a globally renowned training institute, SLITA is also a 'technical services provider' for the textile and apparel industry, imparting cutting-edge instruction and latest specialized skills to help professionals gain advantage. SLITA's Nawaz Mustapha (director general) and B.L.S.P. Nishantha (program coordinator and chief technologist) will be in charge of the workshop.

"This workshop is being organized to share our experience and expertise on 'lean management' in the apparel sector," revealed Mustapha, adding that while such a technique requires less resources, capital, raw material, energy and labour in manufacture, it will also, at the same time, help generate employment for the apparel industry.

Source: The Times Of India, India, 13-Jan-2015
Tuesday, 13 January 2015

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