Online frauds dent textile market image

Surat: A Madhya Pradesh woman, who paid Rs 5,000 for a sari that she had ordered online, was rudely shocked when she finally received one that costs Rs 500 only. Feeling cheated, she lodged a complaint with Surat police on email requesting cops to start an inquiry.

Upon receiving the plaint, city police commissioner Ajay Tomar order the Economic Offence Cell (EOC) to look for similar frauds that could be tarnishing the image of the city’s textile industry.

“Police was alerted by a complainant over mail and it has also come to my knowledge that some unscrupulous elements are duping customers with inferior quality textile products after charging showing and them for costly products. This practice is a threat to the textile industry’s image should be stopped immediately,” said Tomar.

Meantime, the EOC is trying to contact the complainant to find out more details of the seller.

“We expect customers to approach us immediately if they detect any fraud so that we can take actions. Victims in such cases are mostly residents of different states and hence, avoid filing complaints for a trivial amounts,” said an EOC official.

Cops are gathering details of multiple online trade channels including the shopping website. Textile products from the city are being sold through Youtube videos, Facebook, mobile applications, WhatsApp and Telegram. Due to quick responses and easy accessibility, customers generally use these online social platforms for purchases that make them vulnerable to frauds.

Surat Mercantile Association (SMA), an association of textile traders, has raised the issue in recent past. “We are receiving complaints against local traders on daily basis. In a few such incidents, we have helped buyers in getting their money back. There is a need to regularise the online trade because such practice by frauds is tarnishing the image of Surat,” said Narendra Saboo, president SMA.

Source: The Times Of India, India
Thursday, 04 February 2021

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